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Besides visiting sights, monuments and museums a tourist’s top priority while on holiday is taking photographs and documenting their trip every step of the way. When it comes to taking photos in front of world-famous monuments, here’s our guide on how to do right.

Strike a pose: preferably the peace sign

This is a favourite pose, adopted by tourists from all over the world and all age groups. It’s a classic and you can’t really go wrong with it. Where does its popularity come from? Probably from the need to eliminate “awkward arms” in photos. Plus, if you don’t do something with your hands you’ll be left with just a photo of your upper body and the Hollywood sign in the background behind you.

peace sign


5 tips for taking better travel photographs

Hug, climb on and play copy cat with statue

Get chummy with the statue you’re taking a photo of: throw your arm around it, climb up into its lap, straddle it if you happen to be posing with a lion or other animal, or you could copy its pose. Spot the doppelgänger! It was just last week we spotted Batman and Wonder Woman climbing onto Nelson’s lions in Trafalgar Square. Another classic.

copy cat


Master the game of perspective

Probably the most famous of tourist poses is this one where it appears you’re holding a famous landmark in the palm of your hand despite being miles away from it. With a little clever body positioning and camera angle you can frame creative shots of you holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa while on holidays in Italy, picking up the Eiffel Tower or a fountain pouring water into your mouth. You do risk looking like a total idiot however to passersby (see below).




Being inappropriate

These are the photos you freely share on every social media site you have an account on. Pretty much it means cupping a feel for any statue with breasts or balls. Classic examples include the statue of Juliet in Verona (it’s said that rubbing her right breast will give you good luck in love) and touching the Wall Street Bull’s balls. Also in this category is the typical male peeing stance.





What’s your favourite pose for tourist photos? Which of these do you tend to use the most?

Imgs: dam, iferneinez, vl8189elliot p, suthernsir, chang’r, thomas L., djdroga, I.Gouss, harald groven, candida.performa / Flickr cc.

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