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Today’s topic is teeth, pearly whites and dentist work pre-travel. Have you ever been told you shouldn’t fly with a fresh dental filling? There seems to be a general fear on travel forums of travelling right after visiting the dentist – but is it stress without a cause?

There are two sides to this travel myth, a top and a bottom, just like inside your mouth. First of all there are the horror stories of a handful of unfortunate individuals who swear that their dental work done right before their trip “ruined their holidays in Mexico”.

And then there those travellers who also had dental work done before their trips and didn’t feel a thing during their flight. So who’s right?

The low down:

Changes in altitude while on a flight may cause some minor discomfort for passengers who have recently had dental work (fillings, root canals, etc.) done. This is different for everyone, since it depends on their teeth sensitivity, how close the dental work was to a nerve and pain tolerance.

How to deal with it:

To help lessen the pain, take an ibuprofen or other pain reliever (following the instructions of your doctor) before your flight. The anti-inflammatory properties of the drug will help with any discomfort.

Another solution is to make sure that all your dental work is done one month to two weeks prior to your trip. If your dentist appointment is within a few days of flying, let your dentist know so that no procedures which might cause pain during air pressure changes are carried out. Changes in air pressure can also cause minor pain and discomfort to cavities and loose fillings.

Have you ever flown right after dental work? How did you feel during the flight? Let us know in the comments!

Travel myths are everywhere – we’re busting them one at a time.

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