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Headed off on holiday, and want to take your favourite food with you for the flight? Worried you won’t be able to find cheddar on your next trip abroad, but don’t know if you can bring it on board? We’ve got you covered, with our handy guide to which foods you can take in the cabin on your next flights; which you’ll need to check in; and which you should probably leave at home.

Travelling with food is commonplace, but there are a number of rules and regulations in place when it comes to bringing it through airport security. Checking food in is pretty simple if you’re traveling within the EU; if you want to take food with you as hand luggage, things start to get a little more complicated. To make it a little simpler, we’ve put together an essential infographic letting you know what you can – and can’t – take through airport security.


When it comes to traveling with cheese, there are different rules for different types. Hard cheese is fine to be taken on board as hand luggage; cheese which you can easily squish and spread will have to go in the hold.

It’s also nice to be considerate of your fellow passengers, so if possible, avoid taking that super delicious yet also super smelly cheese on board with you.


As per air travel rules, liquids over 100ml cannot be brought into the cabin as hand luggage. This applies to food too – so food items with a high water content, such as yoghurt and jams, cannot be brought through security. When it comes to food, the only exception to this rule is in the case of baby food and baby milk.

Restrictions on which foods you can bring into the UK

There are a number of food items which cannot be brought into the UK if you’re arriving from outside of the EU. These include meat, potatoes, dairy products and more. Some are totally prohibited; others are simply restricted in terms of weight/method of preparation. Check out the advice on bringing food into the country for further details.

Food allowed through airport security

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