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July has finally rolled around and the weather is looking a little more optimistic for the summer season. If you can’t get away to some far-off place like you hoped, we have a solution: R-O-A-D T-R-I-P. It packs a lot of punch, even in a 5-seater. Here’s what to pack.

If you’re going to do things right, spontaneity is key. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to prepare (just a little) before heading off into the horizon to discover Britain. Once you’ve collected these things together you’ll be ready to throw on your pair of lucky trainers, grab the keys of your London car hire and a pair of sunglasses and go.

  1. Luggage bag: well, obviously! You will need a place to put all your road trip supplies and a few changes of clothes.
  2. Diary/journal: whatever spin your trip has, whether its a historic circuit around Wales, a jaunt to a music festival, a tour to the Lake District and back again, keep a log of where you go, what you see and glue in your ticket stubs as you go along.
  3. Neck pillow: this one’s essential. After hours upon hours in the car, your neck will be begging you for no more. Not recommended to wear while driving.
  4. Electronics: it would be even better if your devices have offline maps downloaded and ready as well as several road trip playlists at the touch of your finger. Don’t forget the car charging cables!
  5. Camera: some pretty crazy things can happen on a road trip and if you don’t have your camera at the ready, you’re going to miss out on documenting all the action!
  6. Picnic kit: the beauty of road trips is that you can stop and eat just about wherever you like (just please not on the side of the M25). Pack your basket, blanket, cutlery and plastic or enamel dishes so that you’re in picnic mode wherever you go.
  7. Car games: you’ll be spending at least a few hours each day or so in the car so you’d better find ways to stay entertained! There’s always games like “never have I ever,” “would you rather,” and others that can fill the time but why not picking up a scavenger hunt book designed for road trips.
  8. Good book: finally, a couple of good books. Wondering what to read this summer? Why not pick up one or two of the Best Travel Books of the Year?

Now, all you need to do is choose your destination! Where will you be road-trippin’ this summer?

Road tripping it: Flamingos in France
Imgs: Darren Moloney / Flickr cc.

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