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Airplane food has a bad reputation, but there are some airline companies that actually offer gourmet tasty meals, so who wouldn’t want to enjoy the same meals on the ground that they tasted up in the air? Thai Airways food, coming soon to a supermarket near you.

People who may have enjoyed taking the cheapest flights to Beijing with Thai Airways will soon be able to pick up some of their favoured plane foods at local supermarkets. However, they will have to hop over to Chiang Mai, Phuket or Bangkok to sample some of the authentic curry sauces, which are being stocked at the airline’s Puff & Pie bakeries.

Favourites such as Penang, Massaman and green curry are available and – much like airplane treats themselves – have been made to last, with marketing director Kasem Sriprapakara noting they have a one-year shelf life.

He stated that this is due to a pouch that removes the need for preservatives and also sees the gastronomic delights tasting nearly as fresh as restaurant menu options.

“It almost the same, I’m sure you cannot recognise the difference,” Mr Sriprapakara remarked.

Meanwhile, those booking cheap flights to Beijing from Australia may find it easier thanks to an agreement between Qantas and China Eastern, which has seen the latter offer a greater number of connections to travellers.

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4 responses to “Thai Airways offers plane food in supermarkets

  1. Haha, I've never tried Thai Airways food, have you?
    Generally though, I'm sometimes quite impressed what they can muster up to serve in the air, my recommendation: choose a speciality meal they always seem to be that much nicer looking with more variety than the usual “beef” or “chicken” (and you get served first).

  2. Probably they try to sell now in the supermarket, because on the plane, about 90% goes back due to completly UNTASTYNESS.

  3. Well, we wish Thai Airways much luck… and we will see!
    Some airline foods will hopefully never make it to the supermarket though…! 🙂
    Let us know which was the tastiest food you ate onboard, we are certainly curious!

    thanks for your comment!

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