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How many hours a week, month, year do we spend waiting for that bus that never comes? The big brands apparently noticed that this is prime territory for advertising and got really creative. Here are some examples of the most bizarre bus stops which have popped up over the years in and around Europe. Who knows, maybe waiting for the bus at one of these wouldn’t be so stressful…

If you think of bus stops what comes to mind? Probably just a kiosk set up on the side of the road, maybe some uncomfortable chairs, an ad here or there, city map and some graffiti tags. If you’re lucky you could find yourself waiting for your bus at one of the world’s many unusual stops, little masterpieces of the advertising industry that, if nothing else, finally amuse and even spark a smile in us while we travel.

Sitting on the side lines

soccer net bus stop

oven bus stop

Coca-cola bus stop

Theatre bus stop

Kenzo bus stop

Lemon drop bus stop

Milk bus stop

McDonalds bus stop

IKEA bus stop

Opera bus stop

Retro royal bus stop

Have you ever come across an original bus stop like one of these? Found any others on the web? Share them with us in the comment section below!

Imgs: The Heinz Bus Stop, Cow PR / Flickr cc. and puromarketing

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2 responses to “The most bizarre bus stops in the world

    1. Wow! Now that’s what I call a luxury bus stop! Tea, tv, art, flowers… I’d actually want the bus to be late if I was the one standing there waiting for it. Thanks for sharing Andy!

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