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FlightStats, a website which aims to keep travelers up to date with flight and airport information as it happens, have revealed the top 10 airlines with the best on time performance.

Flight delays are a reality of air travel many of us would rather avoid – spending a few extra hours at the airport is rarely on anyone’s holiday to do list! Now, FlightStats have revealed the 10 best airlines for on time performance.

The site recently published data for the month of November, ranking over 35 airlines in terms of on time arrivals. New to the top 10 is Spanish airline Iberia, with 90.46% of flights arriving on time throughout November from a grand total of 15,128 flights operated. On the other end of the scale, airlines including EI AI, AVIANCA and China Eastern Airlines made up the bottom three.

These are the 10 best airlines in terms of on time performance – you can check out the full list here.

1. Iberia 

90.46% on time arrivals from 15,128 flights.


2. KLM 

89.56% on time arrivals from 18,361 flights.

KLM Airlines

3. Qatar Airways 

89% on time arrivals from 15,735 flights.

Qatar Airways

4. Delta Air Lines 

88.68% on time arrivals from 148,398 flights.

Delta Air Lines

5. Singapore Airlines 

87.17% on time arrivals from 6,868 flights.

Singapore Airlines

6. Japan Airlines (JAL) 

87.01% on time arrivals from 23,474 flights.

Japan Airlines

7. Lufthansa 

86.11% on time arrivals from 39,524 flights.


8. Emirates 

86.10% on time arrivals from 15,751 flights.


9. All Nippon Airways 

86.02% on time arrivals from 28,350 flights.

All Nippon Airways

10. Austrian 

85.42% on time arrivals from 9,812 flights.

Austrian Airlines

IMG: JA08AN, lkarasawa, JA832J | Japan Airlines | Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner | PEK, byeangel / Flickr cc. and Shutterstock

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