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Air New Zealand has done it again. Their latest Hobbit-inspired in-flight safety video is downright epic, plus it’s studded with all sorts of stars… even Elijah Wood! Take a look at this major creation from the “official airline of Middle-earth.”

This isn’t the first time Air New Zealand has created an in-flight video inspired by Peter Jackson’s fills, Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. This time, the video even features a brief cameo of Peter Jackson as well as Elijah Wood who is the main actor in the trilogy. When Air New Zealand called this one “the most epic safety video ever made,” they weren’t kidding.

Air NZ is definitely at the forefront of creating interesting and alternative in-flight safety videos, anything to get the attention of travellers who all too often doze off early or dive into their magazines, without a hint of interested in the safety instructions. The original hobbit video has over 12 million views on youTube. Other favourites have included Bear Grylls, the All Blacks New Zealand rugby team and Snoop Dogg.

Want to see this video in person? All it takes is a flight onboard Air New Zealand.

Img: screenshot from video

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