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North Korea is getting on the tourism train as it launches a new website, designed to appeal to international travellers. All this, and its borders are still closed and the majority of the content is available only in Korean.

Get an insider’s look at North Korea’s state sights and tourist attractions, its hotels and flip through a slightly bazaar gallery of images. Check out possible tour itineraries and even read up on advice for visa applications. The only downside is that most of the content is written in Korean, with very few headlines in English. If you want to read the website, you’ll have to get Google to translate it.

According to a video news clip, the website was created to “satisfy a growing interest and expectation” in North Korea from Western travellers. But for now, the borders remain closed in response to the outbreak of Ebola in Africa.

The video’s subtitles read,

“The Pyongyang Moranbong Editorial Bureau has newly opened the homepage (Korea Today) to show the creative efforts of the Korean people for better future, their worthwhile and optimistic life and great changes in Korea. We sincerely hope for your deepest concern and warm support.”

What do you think of the site? A step in the right direction for attracting more tourists?


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