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We’ve seen some pretty harrowing videos in our time, of crazy things travellers have done on the road but this one is just insane. Watch this tourist video of a bus travelling through the Himalayas, narrowly missing the edge of a cliff.

This video of a group of tourists riding a bus along one of the world’s highest and most narrow roads has gone viral and we’re hooked. The footage was taken by a bus passenger travelling through the Himalayan mountains and it’s enough to turn anyone’s stomach, especially if you’re afraid of heights. The bus is literally teetering on the edge of the cliff throughout the drive as it navigates around bends and turns in the road. Despite the danger that they could fall 600 metres at any moment doesn’t seem to phase them!

Would this kind of journey make you laugh or die of sheer terror?

Img: tataimitra / Flickr cc.

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