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As if the Shard wasn’t enough, London has another new place to get fantastic views over the capital. Glass walkways seem to be a growing trend and London has a slice of the action with this new one in Tower Bridge.

The 120-year old crossing over the River Thames is one of London’s most iconic structures and now it’s a little bit more interesting. The see-through walkway lets visitors gaze down from 42 metres above the ground.

This walkway is the first structural alteration to the bridge since the 1980s and passes over the west side of the bridge. There will be a second glass walkway on the east side opening on December 1st. Visitors can walk across, watching London’s iconic double-decker red buses and black taxi cabs zoom underneath while admiring the impressive steel latticework that hold the bridge up. We hope visitors don’t spend all their time looking down, just across is London’s incredible skyline.

If you want the full experience the next time you book flights to London, plan in advance to also watch the bridge go up and down to let ships pass in the river beneath.

Img: garryknight / Flickr cc.

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