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Ryanair’s dream of offering the cheapest flights to the U.S. are getting closer to becoming a reality as the board has approved its plans. Now all they need are the planes, which could take another four years.

The low cost giant’s board has approved plans to launch flights to the U.S., making the carrier’s dreams of bringing Ryanair across the Atlantic a little bit more of a reality.

The carrier is still in talks with manufacturers about buying planes to serve new flight routes between European cities and 12-14 destinations in the United States. However, the waiting list for planes means that plans could be sidelined for at least 4, if not more, years.

The company released a statement saying,

“European consumers want lower cost travel to the USA and the same for Americans coming to Europe. The business plan is there but it’s dependent on attaining viable long haul aircraft and we estimate that’s four to five years away.”

Ryanair already agreed to buy 200 planes in 2013, but the first of these new Boeing 737s won’t be delivered to the company until 2019. So if you’re holding out for Ryanair’s American debut, you may have to wait a little while longer.

Img: strolicfurlan / Flickr cc.


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