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Besides the whole seat reclining issue, the battle for the armrest is right up there under annoying things other passengers do. This new gadget, called Soarigami, could solve all that! Take a look.

Origami for the skies. This plastic divider is designed to allow air passengers to comfortably share the armrest. The device, which is set to go on sale next year at a retail price of around £19, balances on top of the existing armrest, creating an extended platform that prevents passengers from bumping elbows.

The creators of Soarigami say that the device will foster friendships rather than hostility between airline passengers. If that’s true, they’ve figured out why the Knee Defender when horribly wrong: it only benefited one passenger. This little device benefits both passengers in the situation.

A future version of the product will double as an iPad or mobile phone carrying case. Brilliant! Would you get one of these for an upcoming trip? We reckon they’ll be popular for travelling families who need to stop the squabbling between siblings!



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