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According to a new poll in the UK, the majority of people want to see airlines weigh people before boarding the plane, in order to make obese passengers pay more for their allocated seats.

The British poll, conducted by Holiday Extras, revealed that 58% of people approve of weighing in at the airport, and 6% believe a change to the system would make them fly more.

Although no airlines have publically revealed plans to adopt this policy, the survey does come a month after Uzbekistan Airways introduced ‘preflight weighing’ which obviously hints at a future where being fined for being too heavy might become the normal pricing procedure.

Of course, Uzbekistan airlines, have justified their change in policy as ‘a safety issue’. But its likely that other airlines will take this study into consideration and jump on the ‘saftey’ band wagon,which means this type of weight policy could be the future of travel.

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