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There’s a new app in town, thanks to easyJet. The low cost airline launched its brand new iPhone app that hopes to make travel simpler and easier for its passengers.

easyJet launched its first app in 2011 and since then the app has certainly evolved. Today it makes booking flights, checking in and even passport scanning a breeze. You can also track flights in real-time and create a mobile boarding pass so you don’t have to print one out at home.

Now the airline has launched its easyJet Apple Watch app to go alongside it.

The new app has a fresh contemporary look and is much more personalised. For example, on your day of travel, the app will send you relevant flight information and countdown to travel. You can also access personal information like payment details and passport info quickly. Additional bags can be bought and seats selected from the app too.

For now it’s only available for Apple devices but an Android version is expected later this year.

Img: dirktherabbit / Flickr cc.

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