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The very serious New York magazine, Travel and Leisure has summed up the best new things to see and do for tourists around the world. Warning: this may stir up some serious feelings of wanderlust…

From the sites that have just opened or are just about to, the Traveller’s Blog has chosen only a handful to feature here.

Imperial Warm Museum, London

It feels like this South London museum has been closed for ages but it’s almost ready to reopen after some major renovations. The museum is dedicated to the history of Great Britain and the Commonwealth in times of war, from WWI to present day. It aims to encourage visitors to study and understand modern warfare. Why does it make our top 5? 2014 is the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One and the museum is due reopen in July with renovated galleries and a new atrium.

Cinecitta World, Rome

There’s no doubt that Cinecitta World will quickly become a must-see on any holiday in Rome. What is it? Simply put, a huge theme park devoted to an art that Italy has always excelled at: film. The project has been headed by two-time Oscar winner Dante Ferretti. It will open this year in Castel Romano, a suburb of Rome, where the Dino De Laurentiis studios once stood. Visitors will be whisked away in settings realer than real.

Ground Zero, New York City

After its opening later this year, it won’t be possible to go to New York without visiting this memorial, dedicated to all those lose in the 9/11 tragedy in 2001. Testimonies of survivors, photographs, firefighter helmets and trucks… but the most impressive part of the museum: two huge steel beaches from the Twin Towers. For now you can take a virtual tour of it thanks to Google Earth.


Museum of Image and Sound, Rio de Janeiro

The museum will officially open its doors in only a couple of weeks and will offer visitors a stunning journey through the cultural history of Rio. The Museum of Image and Sound first opened in 1965 in Sao Paulo but it will be moved to a brand new facility, this time in Copacabana! This will be a must for visitors because it showcases all there is to love about Rio and Brazilian culture. Want to know more about the country’s addictive telenovelas? There’s a whole floor in the museum dedicated to them.

Glacier Skywalk, Canada

This is totally incredible! The glass observation deck is located 280 metres above the void and offers visitors a remarkable panorama of snow-capped peaks in the Sunwapta glacial valley. It’s breathtaking and it opens in May.

Which attraction would you like to see the most?


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