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Have a long stopover, what to do? Well you could browse the news stand or re-read your newspaper… or you could check out the airport art gallery. Airports are stepping up their game and definitely winning points with art-lovers.

Heathrow Terminal 5

Heathrow art

It may only be temporary but Heathrow Airport has a fine exhibition up right now called the Terminal 5 Expo Fine Art Gallery which will exhibit the best in British art including sculpture, fine art photography and painting during the summer Olympic Games. The space is also a welcome escape from the usual airport bustle before travellers board their flights from London. Who’s on display? Lorne McKean, Mike Speller, Huw Williams, Clarissa Koch and Jeremy Houghton, among others.

Schiphol Airport


Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport is winning traveller’s hearts left, right and centre. They really seem to get it when it comes to making passengers comfortable and have consecutively been awarded best airport in Europe. The airport even has a library and a custom welcome sign maker! As for art, the famous Rijksmuseum has set up a display with some important pieces of Dutch art for all in transit to enjoy included works by Rembrandt, d’Honedecoeter and Van Gogh.

Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport

Tokyo has always been a little off-beat and alternative and their airport art choices are no exception. In the main concourse of the airport look up and you’ll see a gigantic human-shaped plastic balloon floating in the air above your head. This was just one of the many cool and definitely thought-provoking installations that have taken place at the airport.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport

Helsinki Design Gallery

Helsinki Airport doesn’t just do fine art but it does fashion, design and photography as well. The airport’s Fashion Gallery (gate area 31) showcases the best in Finnish fashion design and clothing brands in a number of photo exhibitions. The airport also has their own Design Gallery (gate area 11), Photo Gallery (gate area 26-27) and Art Gallery which is scheduled to open this month.

Miami International Airport

Miami art

Miami International Airport, also known as MIA, has their own Division of Fine Arts & Cultural Affairs which is responsible for putting on displays, installations and rotating art works around the airport terminals. Their goal is to “humanize and enrich” the passenger’s experience of the airport, too often one that is bland, stale and exhausting. Don’t miss the Central Terminal Gallery, just past security.

Have you seen any other remarkable art at airports? Which airport has the best amenities for passengers in your opinion?

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