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It’s amazing what some of the new apps on the market can do these days. From spot translations to virtual tour guides and finding you the closest Wi-Fi connection within a 1000m radius. Technology, without a doubt, is changing how we travel. How will augmented reality make travel that much easier?

With a smartphone and the right app you’d be amazing at what you can do. Imagine arriving at a restaurant and just pointing your phone at get instant access to reviews and menu recommendations. No more relying on the Lonely Planet! How about pointing for phone at a famous monument while sightseeing and being able to read up on its historical important.

You can do all of that right now but imagine what the future holds with this kind of augmented reality technology!

Travel Guides

Wikitude World Browser was voted the best augmented reality app in 2010. Load the app and point your smartphone. The app overlays the street in front of you with icons loaded with quick facts about upcoming events, Wikipedia articles, nearest ATMs, restaurants and the lot. Search for site-specific places like “sushi bar” or view them on in 2-D map-mode. City navigation taken to the new level!

Of course there’s also Google Goggles which uses image recognition in a way that has never been used before. Point it at a book cover and check out reviews and summaries instantly. In an art museum, just point your camera at the painting and articles about the artist and painting are at your fingertips. Google Goggles can also be used on logos, wine bottles and landmarks too for quick info on its history and interesting facts!


Translating signs in a foreign language is another development in the world of augmented reality that apps which is and no doubt will be invaluable to travellers in the future. While some are still a bit glitchy with languages like Japanese and Russian, Word Lens has got translation from Spanish to English and vice versa down pat, perfect if you’re heading out on flights to Mexico or to South America.The app reads the text using the camera tool then translates it instantly on the screen

What kind of apps do you use while travelling? What kind of apps would you like to see developed in the future?

Img: eastmobiles / Flickr.

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