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When it comes to finding a cheap hotel in Dubai, you can read all the descriptions you like – but if you’re hoping to get a recommendation from more seasoned travellers, the news that the emirate’s Park Hyatt has just been voted the Top Hotel in the Middle East might do the trick.

The complex won the accolade at the 23rd annual Conde Nast Traveler 2010 Readers’ Choice Awards held in New York.

Some 25,916 readers of Conde Nast Traveler put their opinions on the line to draw the conclusions reached at the ceremony, which decided that the accommodation structure – which boasts 225 guest rooms and 35 luxury suites – is the best in the region.

Adrian Slater, general manager of Park Hyatt Dubai, said the team was “ecstatic” with the win, adding: “Despite tougher times, people will always continue to travel, seeking out the highest levels of service, and discovering new destinations and unique experiences.”

The hotel recently announced it is planning to renovate its Amara spa – potentially good news for anybody aching after those long Dubai flights.

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