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Solving problems while on the road is just something that travellers have to deal with, whether it’s a change in itinerary, cancelled flights, finding a public toilet while sightseeing or being faced with even bigger challenges. This week #TTOT travellers revealed the biggest problems they had to solve while on the road.

When does a simple situation turn into a problem? Is it when your life is in danger, you’ve had a misunderstanding, you’re left with no money or wallet in your pocket or worse or something as simple as using a squatting toilet for the first time? Some travellers would say, it’s all a matter of perspective, but it’s nothing a stiff drink can’t solve or a spontaneous party! Here are the top 15 hardest problems travellers have had to solve while on the road.

Q2 via @marksmayo: What’s the hardest problem you’ve had to solve as a traveller?

1. @SoulStrive: I escaped a tribe of baboons in Kenya that tried to close me in on a waterhole of hippos.

2. @sushibananas: Finding a decent toilet in Tibet. ;p

3. @Inga_Ros: Getting car towed when in Granada is one of first things that comes to mind. Stood there with loads of luggage and 3 kids but no car.

4. @toddwassel: Explaining to my parents I was never coming home.

5. @NicoleTravelBug: I really hated being followed around parts of #China. the people on walkie talkies and mobiles following me freaked me out!

6. @TravelingEditor: Pre- home returning sickness and post-trip withdrawal syndrome.

7. @corduroy08: I have a black eye, hardly any money, I don’t know where my hotel is and I woke up on a beach. Solution: Get a massage.

8. @roniweiss: Sex on top of a hostel bunk bed is quite the conundrum.Gorilla

9. @OysterWorldwide: Identifying whether a man in Chile dressing up as a gorilla every time he went to the pub was standard practice.

10. @Roopunzel: Bunking with a guy in a hostel who had just seen his friend stabbed in Philippines.

11. @redhunttravel: Currency conversions in Central America.

12. @roniweiss: When you first start travelling, the language gaps feel daunting. Over time, you worry less.

13. @Hejorama: Missing the night train from Cairo to Luxor. Solution? Take the next one (which was full) and stand up for 10 hours.

14. @MalloryOnTravel: Biggest problem is usually finding the best bar in town 😉 problem I am always happy to research!

15. @christinenspain: Getting chased by a drunk, weapon-yielding Albanian in Athens with my friends was probably the “hardest”.

How would you deal with these problems abroad and have you ever been in similar situations?

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Img: sistak, internets_diary / Flickr cc.

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