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There is no better souvenir than great travel photos and since the digital age has made itself quite comfortable, more and more travellers are opting for a compact point-and-shoot camera in lieu of film. It’s one thing to take a photograph but another to take a stunning photograph that will “oh” and “ah” your friends and family when you get home. Here are a few tips on how to take great travel photos, without the need for a professional camera.

Taking great photographs while travelling on holidays requires basically two things, a little bit of knowledge and some practise. The more photographs you take and the more familiar you are with your camera then the better you’ll be able to point-and-shoot stunning pictures.

The best souvenirs from a trip, whether you  head to Scotland to visit the highlands you’ve found cheap flights to India, are photographs so taking some time to refine your photography skills is well worth it.

  • Read your camera’s manual before starting (I know, boring!) but it’s the best way to get to know your limits and possibilities before heading out. Experiment and get to know your camera before going on your holiday.
  • Invest in a small tripod, you will be thankful when photographing at night. You can find these cheap at most electronic or photography stores.
  • Don’t be afraid to get up close and personal with your subject, whether it’s a tree, flower, waterfall, Eiffel Tower, sculpture or a person. Fill the frame with the subject!
  • Look for interesting details like logs, boulders or rocks to break up the foreground when photographing a landscape. Photographs are much more dynamic visually if something takes up the foreground, middle and background.
  • Use your flash outdoors. Unlike popular belief that flash should only be used indoors with low light, when the sun is casting shadows on the architecture, sculpture or person you want to photograph, use the flash to eliminate the shadow while still keeping the colours true.
  • Put your subject in other parts of the frame than just the middle. Slightly left or slightly right will give a new dimension and variety to your photographs rather than the subject always occupying the middle. This is also called the Rule of Thirds.
  • Turn your camera sideways! Certain things just look better in a vertical frame, so turn your camera on its side before you snap.
  • Light is the most important part of every photograph. Adjust your settings or where you’re standing to accommodate the changing light especially at dusk and dawn. Landscapes are best photographed early in the day or later in the day.
  • Make sure you have fully charged batteries before heading out for the day, there is nothing worse than setting up a shot and you realise your batteries are dead.
  • Don’t rush to delete photos off your camera before you see them on a bigger screen. There is always the opportunity to crop or change it to B&W afterwards.

You’ll be shooting like a professional in no time with these pointers. Do you have any more travel photography tips? Share them below!

Img: moohaha / flickr cc

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