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Awe-striking and photogenic… the world’s most “wowing” natural landscapes… these are the new seven natural wonders of the world. New you say? That’s right! There is a contest currently running for the world to choose seven new natural wonders and this week’s #TTOT session was based on the finalists.

The Finalists

The New7Wonders is a project that launched a few years ago in attempts to update the legendary lists of wonders around the world based on popularity. 100 million people around the world voted! New7Wonders have compiled a list of 28 finalists, natural sites from countries all over the world! As far as we’re concerned, all of them make great holiday destinations!

Q1 via @ae_carhire: From the 28 finalists pick your number one and tell us why:

@SkyeGrove: Table Mountain – it is six times older than the Himalayas and five times older than the Rockies.

@HollyGalbraith: I have only been to 3 of the 28 and my fav of those was Iguazu Falls – one of the best days of my South American trip.

@traveldudes: The Schwarzwald is pretty much in front of my door (3-4 hours), but I’ve never been to it. I still vote for it! 🙂

@jasonalvinjacob: #Uluru. Never been there but I got fascinated when I saw it on magazines. Said to be magical at sundown and sunrise.

@Nomad_Student: Why do we always start w/hard questions?! 😉 Haven’t been to all, but I’d say whichever is most in danger of disappearing.

@SaraKateTravel: I also must say that I’m very happy to see #Poland’s Masurian Lake District on the list…still have to go but hear rave reviews!!

@packDsuitcase: Galapagos for SURE should be a new natural wonder. Nature converging is a pretty spectacular thing.

@RachelLewis89: Out of that list, the Dead Sea – never been but there’s something awesome about the idea of floating on the lowest point on earth.

@nodnsmileNYC: I would choose the Mud Volcanoes in Azerbaijan, but primarily bc I think it’s one of the lesser appreciated countries on the list.

Man vs. Nature

Man versus Nature

It’s the ultimate challenge… but how does one choose? Which man-made wonders have you visited and which natural ones? Were there any that impressed you more than others, how about some that didn’t meet your expectations? We’re going neutral on this one, that while natural sites can make your jaw drop some of the man-made sites can do the same… “People built that?? Thousands of years ago?? Without a crane or super-powers??”

Q4 via @SustainableTrip: Which do you find more impressive, natural wonders or manmade wonders? Why?

@AngelinaFoster: Natural wonders attract me more.. there’s just something about nature!!

@HotelPRGuy: Manmade or natural – all have seen the passage of time, all equally impressive.

@crossinglines: I love the inspiration and accomplishment w/ manmade, but the natural are truly mind-blowing n beautiful — I vote Natural IMO

@ilivetotravel: I find most interesting those that combine both man-made & natural like Machu Picchu – the great intersection of God & man!

@tweetsfromjody: Manmade things. Someone had to dream it & build it & I wouldn’t be able to. I’m still pretty amazed we can fly sometimes.

@JauntingKerrs: When u take the context of when & how things were built : manmade makes me feel like I need 2 step up my game & be more creative.

@MiddleSeatView: The reason natural wonders are so great is knowing that we didn’t have a single thing to do with them.

@RainTravels: Wonders of nature that are properly cared for by man… that’s impressive.

@swanny_adel: Dare I suggest that Wonder Woman was all natural, so it’s hard to argue otherwise…?

If you’re keen to vote for your favourite natural wonder, polling is open until November 11, 2011 so head over to to cast your vote!

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Img: TheCreativePenn, ♀Μøỳαл_Bгεлл♂, Abhishek Ghaté / Flickr cc.

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