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Famous in the US as the place for a shotgun wedding, or at least a last-minute one, Las Vegas is also picking up speed as a top wedding destination among young Brits and Europeans. Want to tie the knot in Nevada? There’s a few things you should know beforehand…

“Guys, what happened last night?” a line right out of a teen-movie or an American comedy where the actor wakes up the next morning in a sordid hotel room with more than just a hangover and no memory of what happened the night before. Whether it’s because of the movies or just for fun, Las Vegas is picking up speed as the top spot for a destination wedding among Europeans.

Taking a look at Nevada’s wedding stats, Germans are at the top for the most weddings among European couples to be married in Las Vegas.

Pop-up Chapel

Wedding Chapel

The Cosmopolitan Hotel had a brilliant idea that has revolutionized the Vegas wedding scene: the pop-up Wedding Chapel. Guaranteed to be a “memorable experience” for low-cost weddings. The service includes tokens for the photo booth, cans of champagne, cake pops… the works! AND it’s legal. The chapel was inaugurated on December 28th of last year and has been marrying couples and even pets since then!

The Cosmopolitan offers all kinds of packages at low prices ranging from $85 to $195: “Hitched in a Hurry,” “On a Whim” and “Going to the Chapel.” To customize each ceremony, couples can choose their music, add a reception, wedding favours, flowers and photos (all for an additional fee of course). To make it legal and official, it’s an additional $90.

How to do it?

Elvis in Vegas

If the whole “Pop-up Chapel” idea doesn’t do it for you, there are a ton of other chapels, churches and hotels that have wedding services in Sin City. For $200 you can find all-inclusive services that include limousine, photo shoot, music, flowers… what more could you ask for at that price?

There is a saying in the US that goes like this, go big or go home. Why not get married on top of the 50-story replica of the Eiffel Tower? In Vegas anything goes, you can even tie the knot in a helicopter or more famously be married by Elvis.

Now for the finer details. If you’re serious about a Vegas wedding, get yourself to the Marriage Bureau of Las Vegas that will issue you a permit which says that you’re eligible to be married in Las Vegas. This costs $55. The office is open daily from 8:00 in the morning until midnight. Make the trip even faster by downloading the application and filling it out beforehand. Don’t forget to bring your passports!

  • Cost of a fake marriage: $80
  • Cost of a valid marriage: $170
  • Cost of marriage certificate (from the CLark County Recorder): $10
  • Avg. service length: 20 minutes
  • Time required to book in advance: none
  • Guest capacity: depends on the chapel
  • Souvenir photos included in standard package: 2

Who can get married?

Single women (legally divorced or widowed) and men aged 18 and older. Minors between the ages of 16 and 17 must have consent from either a parent or legal guardian. Unfortunately, same sex marriages are not yet legal in the State of Nevada. Good to know as well that your wedding in Vegas is legal and valid in the UK. You are not required to register your wedding once you return to the UK.

Do you know why Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world? It’s the easiest place to get a marriage license, whether its from a church or a civil office. On top of that, the prices are cheaper than anywhere else! While you’re at it, check out our post 10 tips for saving big in Vegas.

Your Las Vegas wedding starts with! Check out the latest flight deals to get you to the chapel that much cheaper!

Have you ever been to a Vegas wedding? What was it like?

Imgs: paulcox72, Corey Ann , claytron, heather0714 / Flickr cc.

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