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What inspired you most as a kid to travel? Were you enchanted by adventures in books or by the heroes on TV? Travel Talk on Twitter (#TTOT) took us all down memory lane remembering which cartoons inspired us most to travel.

Today most people are inspired by what’s in front of them: the glossy pages of a travel magazine, blogs, travelogues, books, films, etc. But what about our experiences as a kid? Whether it was your first travel memories, family holidays, the stories you read in books before bed or Saturday morning cartoons… there is no doubt that these experiences inspire our travels around the world today. Thousands weighed in yesterday on this question, and so here are the top five travel-inspiring cartoons.

@hjortu: What childhood heroes/cartoons were your inspiration for travelling?

The Adventures of Tintin

Asterix & Obelix

The Jetsons

Johnny Quest

Carmen San Diego

Which cartoons most inspired you as a kid?

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Img: sugarpond, Flickr cc.

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  1. Hey Melvin! Thanks for the comment, looking forward to many more #TTOT round-ups in the future (can't tell you how fun it was to search for clips for this article… talk about memories!)

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