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Finnish design, Finnish style, Finnish attitude… it’s no wonder the European Union chose this northern city as one of this year’s culture capitals. Turku has taste and style and from the looks of their programme, 2011 is the year to party and celebrate what this city’s got going on.

There is no excuse for not visiting Turku while it plays all its cards as Europe’s culture capital. There are cheap flights to Turku with Finnair departing from London as well, it’s a quick jaunt from Helsinki. Did you know that Turku was the first city in Finland to use forks in the 1500s? This city is innovative, it’s in their history! Stagger your culture events with city tours, boat cruises along the Aura River and trips to nearby islands.

5 most anticipated cultural events in 2011

Absurd History of the Opera (Jan-May)

Opera is not as serious as you might think. This outrageous comedy will surely enlighten you that this music art form is not lost and is very entertaining. Questions like how long does the longest death aria take and who is easier to negotiate with, a soprano or a terrorist will be answered. This performance will show a few times a month from January until May. For ticket and schedule details go to

Pitch Black Theatre (year round)

Pitch Black Theatre

Have you ever experiences what it’s like to be blind? Now you can enjoy parties in an entirely new way, in the pitch dark. Participants explore the darkness with the help of guides or you can move around freely, dance (like no one is watching), mingle and even sit down to a proper restaurant meal. Join Pitch Black Theatre on March 20-30th, 2011 for something really different.

Alice in Wonderland (year round)

Alice in Wonderland

Alice i Underland will be the largest contemporary art photography exhibition to ever take place in Finland. International trends will be at the forefront of the exhibit with works done by Finland’s most renown photographers. Fantasy meets reality in this modern take on the weird world of the Internet and how we interact with each other virtually. The exhibition takes place at Logomo, the main festival exhibition space, and runs from January 16th until December 18th, 2011.

Colourscape: Music of the Spheres (July 22/Aug. 18th, 2011)


Colourscape will be opened and closed by a performance on the River Aura, Music of the Spheres. Giant spheres floating in the water will engulf the performers with musical accompaniment. Colourscape is hard to explain, it’s best experienced. It will sharpen your senses, inspire creativity and forever change the way you look at “colour.” Do you really know what your favourite colour is? You might be surprised at what you discover after a visit to this special display in Jupittaa Park.

Artist as Neighbour (May, 2011)

Artist as Neighbour

This is a month-long event starting on the first of May. It features 30+1 days of workshops, special events and of course artworks. Play Susanna Peijari’s game Suburban Memory, experience Flora Metamorphicae’s field of ceramic flowers, spend Saturday afternoon on a neighbourhood bicycle trip, join Instant Souvenir workshops and library clubs! Is there any better way to explore arts, culture, city sightseeing and the love of literature than by being neighbours with an artist? Pick up your free neighbourhood guidebook from the Turku Cultural Services Office.

Will you be heading to Turku to check out their cultural events?


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