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When you budget for your holidays do you ever take into account airport parking? Don’t be surprised when you pay for your parking pass on the way out, some of the UK’s busiest airports charge a fair bundle to host your wheels. How much does it cost to park at UK top 5 busiest airports?


Long Stay – available at terminals 1,3, 4 and 5. There is courtesy coach service connecting the lots to the terminals which run every 10-12 minutes. One-four days costs £17 per day. Five days and over costs £16.40 per day (for all days).

Short Stay – available next to each terminal and is recommended for stays up to five hours in length. Up to 30 minutes costs £2.70, up to one hour costs £4.50, up to 1.5 hours costs £6.60, up to three hours costs £11.60.The maximum is 48 hours costing £98.60. Each additional 24 hour period will cost £49.30.

Business – also known as “park & fly,” drive up to your terminal and leave your car for up to one month’s time. One – 13 days costs £23.60 per day.

Valet – arrive at your terminal and the airport takes care of the rest. When you return, your car will be drive up for you. Prices start at £61.50 for one day and go up to £127.20 for four days. Each additional 24 hour period costs £17.20.


Long stay – available at both North and South terminals.There is a frequently running coach from both lots to the terminals, running every 10 minutes. It is recommended to book parking on-line as there are no drive-up prices listed on

Short stay – private vehicles picking up passengers will be able to use the short-stay lots for up to 15 minutes for £1. Up to 30 minutes costs £2.50, up to one hour costs £5.20, up to three hours costs £8.30.


Long stay – open all year round, there is a short courtesy coach ride to the terminal from the lot. There is a set drive-up fee of £10.50 per day.

Mid stay – located a little closer that the long stay lot, mid stay parking offers a faster transfer service. There is a shuttle bus running every 10 minutes, journey takes 5 minutes. There is a set drive-up fee of £13.50 per day.

Short stay – for trips only a few hours in length, use the short stay lot. The lot is within walking distance from the terminal. Stays up to 30 minutes cost £2.50, up to one hour costs £4.50, up to three hours costs £10.50, up to 24 hours costs £29.50. Price per 24 hour period is £29.50.


Long stay – prices start at £29.99 per week, accessible by all three terminals. There is a free bus transfer with a journey of approx. 5 minutes to get to the terminal.

Short stay – prices start at £7.50 per day. It’s the closest car park to the terminals with covered walkways in case of foul weather. This is ideal for up to four days. Up to 30 minutes costs £2.20, up to one hour costs £4.00, up to 2 hours costs £8.00, up to 4 hours costs £12.00. Each 24 hour period after the first full day costs £27.00.

Meet & Greet – drop your car off next to the terminals and you’re just a few minutes walk from flight check-in. Your car will be securely parked and ready for pick up when you return. Prices start at £39.99 per week.


Long stay – accessible from all terminals. There is a courtesy coach running to the terminal every 10-15 minutes, the journey takes 10 minutes. Long term parking starts at £9.90 for the first day, then £8 for each additional day. Save 10% if you book your long stay parking 30 days in advance of your trip.

Short stay – the most convenient parking to the terminal. There are two lots available: Car Park 1 and Multi Storey Car Park 2, the first is the cheaper of the two, but prices only differ by £0.50. Park up to 10 minutes for £1, up to 20 minutes for £1.50, up to 1 hour for £4, up to 1.5 hours for £6.50, up to three hours for £8, up to 24 hours for £18.50. Each 24 hour period after costs £18.50 (prices are for Car Park 2).

Fast Track – available on level 2 of Car Park 2. It features wider spaces and an enclosed walkway into the terminal. Fast Track parking also gives you access to the airport’s Fast Track priority security lane to get you to your gate ASAP. Parking starts at £23 per day.

All prices and information are subject to change without notice but official airport websites were consulted at the time of writing.

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