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After a number of incidents linked to drunk passenger behaviour – such as the plane which was forced to land early thanks to an intoxicated stag party group – the UK is now considering limiting alcohol at the airport.

A cheeky pint before boarding a flight is all part of the airport experience for many Brits, but that could all be about to change: after a number of incidents involving disorderly behaviour from drunk passengers, the recently appointed British Aviation Minister Tariq Ahmad is looking to investigate alcohol consumption at the airport.

The aim? Not to make everyone fly stone cold sober, but rather to look into possible measures to restrict excessive alcohol consumption – by targeting, for example, airport bars and the sale of duty free alcohol.

The aim is to ensure a safe in flight experience and to minimise disruption, with Ahmad suggesting measures such as training flight crew to screen passengers.

What do you think of the plans to restrict alcohol consumption at the airport?

IMG: Airport Beer, Henry Burrows / Flickr cc.

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