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With new plans to construct a tunnel near this iconic ancient monument, tourists will no longer have to shut out the sounds of thundering traffic from the nearby motorway. This is a huge improvement for the historic site.

A 1.8 mile-long tunnel, part of a £2 billion upgrade to the road, will not only dull the sound of traffic zooming past, but it will also block driver’s view of Stonehenge, just another reason why you should pull off at the English Heritage site’s exit and pay a visit to the site itself the next time you’re travelling in England. Helen Ghosh, the direct of heritage at National Trust is pleased about the developments, saying,

“Visitors will once again be able to hear the sounds of skylarks singing rather than the constant noise of traffic.”

Stonehenge is visited by more than one million people every year, and was built by Neolithic Britons sometime between 3000 BC and 1600 BC.

Have you visited this site yet?

Img: litasworld / Flickr cc.

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