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Australia is a country that touches all 5 senses and to get your senses started we’ve found two videos that will no doubt make you yearn for a trip Down Under. The first comes from Australia’s tourism board and the second from Melbourne where you can discover the city through a “remote control tourist.”

It wasn’t too long ago when Australia was offering the best job in the world and now the country is putting it all on the table to attract visitors from around the world. You don’t just hop on a flight to Sydney on a whim. The anticipation builds as you travel across continents and great oceans. But what awaits? Something like you’ve never experienced before…

Be changed by Australia, we dare you!

Introducing Melbourne’s remote control tourists

Tourism boards are getting more and more creative by the minute and we love the latest initiative from the city of Melbourne. Introducing the city’s two remote-control tourists: one boy, one girl who will go where you want them in real-time.


The two lucky tourists are clad in cameras that broadcast everything they see and do live to the web. Where they go and what they do all depended on requests coming in from Facebook and Twitter over the course of 5 days.

“Drink a coffee at that cafe.”

“Climb to the top of that building so we can see the view.”

These are just a couple of the many requests this pair received over the week, but there were plenty more. Here’s their 5-day “trip” in numbers:

  • 109km worth of tours
  • 34 coffees consumed
  • 321 check-ins on FourSquare
  • 63 drinks consumed
  • 8,726 requests from Twitter and Facebook
  • 270,000 seconds on live broadcasting
  • 11 hamburgers consumed
  • 88 flights of stairs climbed
  • 117 people asked, “What is going on?”
  • St Kilda was the most requested location to explore
  • 203 greetings and hugs
  • 208 the most requests from a single user
BOOM! Check it out!

Scream and shout if you would love to visit Australia!

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