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Can you remember the first time you flew in an airplane? How old were you? These two grannies just had the experience of their lifetime as they took-off on a trip to Barcelona. It was their first time travelling in an airplane. Their reaction? Simply priceless.

We know this video has been passed around quite a lot lately but we just can’t help sharing it. It’s just so darn cute! The idea is a simple one, two grannies in their 70s, conquer their fears and forge a new friendship in their journey to take an airplane for the first time in their lives.

An and Ria, both from the Netherlands, were either too scared or never had the chance to fly. An says she “wouldn’t fly if you paid her.” While Ria only ever travelled with her late husband but since he had a fear of heights, they never flew. It’s a good thing they travelled on a private jet for their flights to Barcelona; they may have had an entirely different first experience if it was onboard Ryanair.

How did these two ladies get on? Brilliantly!

Let’s follow their journey as they prepare for their first flight together:

Way to go An and Ria! Wishing you both long lives and endless chances to discover new places and new experiences!

Img: screenshot from video

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