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Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga are artists and filmmakers from Sao Paulo that create playful animations and light installations. As part of their current project ‘Suaveciclos’ they venture out with their audiovisual art on three wheels.

Animated Graffiti

The street artist Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga from São Paulo, also known as VJ Suave, are showcasing their latest project “Suaveciclos” which involves animated characters and images against the backdrop of Rio de Janeiro.

The pair cruise through the town on their pimped out tricycles – equipped with video projectors and sound system – and delight strangers with their vivid colours and whimsical storytelling.
Rio is not the first destination that they’ve used as a backdrop for their visual narratives; they’ve also rode through Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and Russia, often using pavements, buildings, skyscrapers and colonial houses as their canvas.

Environmentally friendly street art

The source of power for the laptops, projectors, speakers and lighting is all produced by the tricycles. So not only is the tricycle important in giving the art movement in a physical and visual sense, the tricycle is also the only source of power.

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