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Either on foot or in the car, there always comes a moment when you’ve lost track of the turns and miscalculated the directions… in other words, you’re lost. A British study recently shed light on the situation, that women are more intuitive with directions than men.

The study was conducted by a British-based insurance company, Sheila’s Wheels and questioned 1000 UK drivers. The results showed that 26% of men waited at least half an hour before asking for help and 1 in 10 said they refused to ask for help from a stranger. This type of pride actually costs up to £2000 a year and 275 miles of unnecessary driving.

A third of all drivers (including both men and women) admitted that they would rather ask a woman for directions (only 28% said men, 38% didn’t care). Not a bad idea considering 2 out of 5 men claim to actually know the way when they are lost and only 1 in 4 women.

Finally 74% of women said that they wouldn’t hesitate to ask for directions to their final destination, against only 30% of men.

Does this study show that women are less proud and more honest with themselves than men? Whichever way you interpret the results one thing is clear, asking for directions can sure save you a lot of money!

Do you stop for directions as soon as you know you’re lost or wait it out, hoping to fall back on the right trail again?

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