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What’s in a name? A lot, especially if your town or city is called Dull or Boring. You can actually find these places in your atlas. You’ll find one in Scotland (Dull) and the other in Oregon on the States-side. These two places have teamed up to create “Dull & Boring Day”, not to be missed!

The only thing connecting these two cities separated by an ocean are their unexciting, uneventful and uninteresting names. They hope to change all that though with a new day, August 9th which is to be declared Dull and Boring Day. Last summer the two cities agreed to stick together and form a tourism partnership and every summer each town will celebrate all things mundane together.

Looking for excitement and adventure this summer? Why not give Dull or Boring a run for their money…

Dull: this Scottish village is anything but boring

Located in the Scottish Highlands, Dull is somewhat in the middle of nowhere but a perfect place to retreat if you’re after Scottish wilderness and quiet. The village consists of a single street of houses and while it has a funny name in English, dull refers to “meadow” in Gaelic. To celebrate the new partnership between the two communities, Dull is planning a street party for all 84 of its residents and of course anyone else who wants to join this summer on June 23rd. They’re out to show that Dull is far from being dull or boring.

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Boring: “The most exciting place to live”

Welcome to Boring, Oregon, just a short skip south-east from Portland. With places like The Not So Boring Bar & Grill to eat at, how could a trip to this small American city be anything but amusing? A day in the life of a Boring tourist could include a hike over at Boring Station Trailhead Park or an afternoon sipping tea with the Boring Book Club. In the evening, catch a show put on by the town’s Nutz-n-Boltz Theatre Company.

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What’s the most boring and dull destination you have ever visited?

Imgs: google street view, fullfathom / Flickr cc.

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