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We don’t mean it literally, but North Korea is celebrating a record year for tourism, especially for visitors coming from Europe. Tourism numbers have jumped increasingly since 2009 and show no signs of stopping.

This news comes from North Korea’s Central News Agency. They released a report saying that tourism was “steadily increasing… with visitors from over 50 counties and regions in the last year.”

The number of arrivals from European countries is also on increase. The increase is fueled by many attractions. Eye-catching achievements made by the country in the effort for building a thriving socialist nation in recent years are one of the attractions.

More than ever before tourists are going home with positive stories to tell about their holiday in North Korea. A lot of it is shared on social media. It’s still not entirely open for tourism yet though. There are only a few tour companies that offer trips around the country but the ones that do have reported quite a jump in interest from British holidaymakers in the last year.

In the last three years, tourist numbers have more than doubled. In 2009, North Korea welcomed 104 foreign tourists while in 2012, the country welcomed 210. It doesn’t seem like much, no but it’s a start all things considered. Travellers to the country should be warned though that while there are no travel advisories against visiting North Korea from the Foreign Office, it is extremely difficult to enter the country.


Planning your North Korean holidays

Getting there seems easy enough but it’s not. There are a few Air China flights touching down in Pyongyang, the capital. Otherwise Koryo, North Korea’s state airline, will get you there but you may want to note beforehand that it is the world’s only one-star rated airline. It’s best to stick with Air China.

As for sights to see, it may just be enough for some to experience the curiosities of a country closed off for so many years. Still, expect to be chaperoned by guards almost at all times.

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Would you travel to North Korea if you had the opportunity?

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