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Ryanair changes its baggage allowance rules this week, for the better and for the worse. Passengers can now check 20 kg instead of 15 kg fro their first piece, but like everything at Ryanair, this extra luggage allowance comes at a price!

It seems like Ryanair launches a new feature, deal or service every week to charge their passengers, this week is of course no exception.

It’s not a toilet fee or a new in-flight amenity, it’s check-in luggage. Now passengers can check 20 kg of luggage for 25€, one way. Ryanair also gives passengers the possibility of checking 15 kg for 15€. The price per kilo then, up to 20 kg, is 1€ to 1.25€

If you forget to reserve your luggage on-line, when you purchase your ticket, it will cost you 45€ at the airport. Carry-on luggage is still free, with a limit of 10 kg per passenger.

Skip the fees and travel with carry-on luggage only for a weekend:

  1. Buy your toiletries/shampoos when you arrive
  2. Wear the majority of your bulky clothing items
  3. Learn to fold your clothes right, to make the most of your space
  4. Don’t spend on in-flight catering, grab a meal at a restaurant before you leave for the airport

If you’re concerted your carry-on luggage might be oversized, take a look at Ryanair’s own suitcase, guaranteed to meet the size restrictions but the weight is up to you.

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