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Adventurers wanted for a brand new expedition, unlike any before. Dutch organisation Mars One is now accepting applications for one-way tickets to Mars and the chance to be among the first settlers on the planet. Who’s in?

Mars One: searching for 21st c. colonists

When we first caught wind of this news we had to double check the information that it wasn’t some sort of late April Fool’s Joke. It’s totally legit. Are you the ultimate adventurer, willing to go where few men have gone before? Twenty-first century explorers are about to explore unchartered waters, trek undiscovered mountains and settle in far away lands… on another planet. Columbus would be so proud!

The Mars One project has already received thousands of applications but is still accepting more. Resilient? Adaptable? Resourceful? Work well in a team? These are just a few of the qualities that successful applicants must have. The entire project will be televised in a reality-TV show style showing the selection process, preparations, the journey, landing and then beyond.


Why just one-way?

It’s not because Mars One doesn’t want their explorers to return to Earth and live to tell their stories in person. Their decision for one-way trips is solely based on biology and science. Mars One’s co-founder, Bas Lansdorp, explains,

“During the seven-to-eight month journey, astronauts will lose bone and muscle mass. After spending time on Mars’ much weaker gravitational field, it would be almost impossible to readjust back to Earth’s much stronger gravity.”

Astronauts will grow their own food but also have emergency foot rations which are topped up every two years as more individuals join the project. Water will be extracted from the soil and power generated using solar panels. The experience doesn’t come without some very serious risks though. Radiation levels are extremely high on Mars and temperatures can vary wildly. Too much exposure to radiation can cause cancer, drastically lower one’s immune system and even cause infertility.

The project still needs quite a bit of funding but in the mean time, casting for the crew is in full swing!

David Bowie was spot on with this one…

Space flights soon departing from… Sweden?

Would you take a one-way ticket the Mars given the chance?


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