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This year, now that it’s almost done, has been a very straining and interesting year for the travel industry. From erupting volcanoes, cabin crew strikes to uncontrollable snow storms… you could say “out with the old, in with the new” let’s hope for a better 2011.

Here’s our round-up of the year’s top ten travel stories:

  • World’s Best Airport: Incheon International Airport in Seoul is voted best airport for 2010. With cultural museums, designer boutiques, luxury services and wi-fi, there’s more than a handful of reasons wh this airport is among the best. The close runner-up with Singapore Changi Airport with it’s new Super Slide.
  • Iceland’s now famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted in April, putting a halt to all flights in the UK and across Europe for several days. It was the worst air traffic disruption following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in NYC. Only now are airlines finally getting caught up with claims made by passengers affected by the disruptions.airlines
  • Spirit Airlines became the first airline to charge passengers for carry-on luggage in August, an action that outraged many travellers. Who’s worse though, Spirit or Ryanair the low cost legend that vowed to begin charging passengers for use of in-flight lavatories, £1 a flush? Get the low down on airline fees: what to expect when flying low cost.
  • British Airways has been plagued by both ground and cabin crew strikes this year. Cabin crew stood on the picket lines for more than 20 days this year, causing major disruptions on BA short-haul flights. A settlement has yet to be reached.
  • Steven Slater’s big exit off a JetBlue aircraft at JFK airport in New York City made headlines in August. The flight attendant told off a passenger before grabbing a couple beers and exiting via the emergency exit. He was later arrested at his home and avoided jail time after making a plea bargain in US courts.
  • Air New Zealand‘s newly designed Boeing-777 with SkyCouches that let even passengers in Economy class lay down while flying long-haul, brilliant! 30 other airlines have expressed interest in the design, one that will revolutionize traveller’s experience in Economy and Premium Economy.
  • Man is caught in Mexico City’s international airport trying to smuggle 18 endangered monkeys from Peru in his pants to later sell in the black market. The man was jailed almost instantly. The incident raised attention because he was stopped only for a random search, the man did manage to pass through two rounds of security unnoticed before arriving in Mexico City.
  • Giorgio Armani opened its Armani Hotel in the luxurious city of Dubai after five years of waiting. A standard double room goes for a whopping £315 a night with luxury suites costing up to £7000 a night. Fancy a stay?
  • Qantas A380 makes an emergency landing in November following an engine fire which caused half of the casing to come off. The pilot was able to land safely but questions were raised afterwards about the quality of the Rolls-Royce engines on the world’s largest commercial airliner.

What do you think was the most pivotal moment in 2010 for the travel industry? Have any other events to add to the list?

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