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Mexico ready to launch world’s largest underwater museum

Four hundred life-sized sculptures have now been submerged off the coast of Cancun in Mexico to create the world’s largest underwater museum in hopes of luring tourists away from the fragile coral reefs and towards something just as unique.

British artist Jason deCaires Taylor was chosen for the project, one that will hopefully reduce the impact of over 500,000 tourists a year visiting the Isla Mujeres National Marine Park in Cancun. The life-sized human sculptures are made out of pH-neutral concrete which attracts algae and other marine life which both changes the look of the sculptures and boosts the local ecosystem at the same time.

The museum is funded by Cancun’s environmental ministry and is free for visitors. Sculptures are accessible by snorkel or dive. Fly British Airways direct from London to Cancun.

Other underwater museums include: “Herod’s Harbor” off the coastal city of Caesarea in Israel, the Underwater City of Cleopatra in Alexandria, Shipwreck Train in Florida, and China’s newly opened Baiheliang Underwater Museum.



  • Ken Schmidt Reply

    I think Jason deCaires Taylor was an ideal pick for this project as his work is so evocative. Something like this will be a major draw and drum up business for hotels near the area; I can easily see people flocking to check this out in person. We’ve seen a major spike in clients booking hotels specifically to see these sculptures. It’s no surprise, it’s really a sight to see.

    • Katie Reply

      Hey Ken! Thanks for your comment, I think you’re right about it being an up and coming destination and attraction for tourists to the area. What a creative way to scuba dive without negatively affecting the reefs in the area!