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Air New Zealandis the first airline in the world to launch ‘flat beds’ in Economy Class. The airline is calls them ‘sky sofas’ which are meant to revolutionise air travel as we Economy Class flyers know it. No more cramped legs, no more seats flying back into your face, upsetting the work you were doing on your pull-down table or your game of cards. These beds will be installed in the airlines new Boeing 777-300 ERs which will serve the flight route from Auckland to Los Angeles as of November of 2010.

At a press conference where the airline announced its new feature the Chief Executive Officer, Rob Fyfe, said “Air New Zealand is putting the magic and romance back into flying. For the past three years we have been designing a new long-haul experience that will reignite the passion of today’s travellers.”

Not all Economy Class seats however will be able to convert into these sought after sofa-beds. Only 22 per aircraft will be and the cost? It will not be as much as flying First Class or Business but it will cost around the equivalent of 2 1/2 Economy seats. The seats feature a very strong footrest which can be raised to extend the seat while the armrests fold down, making a nice sofa across three seats. The ideal situation is for a couple to book two seats in a row of three and hope either that the third seat is not booked or they can book it for half-price in order to make sure that they can use the sky sofa.

Air New Zealand’s new seats have attracted a lot of attention and are especially desirable on long-haul flights such as the one from L.A. to Auckland. For those that always longed to lay down and sleep comfortably during the flight, this is the perfect solution, without the extra frills and price ticket of a First Class seat. The seats are even big enough to share! Find more information about Air New Zealand in our Airline Company directory.

In the future Air New Zealand also plans to install these seats on their aircraft flying from Los Angeles to London in 2011. How fun would it be to snuggle up for a long flight on one of these flat beds? So innovative!

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