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2015 is the year of the European getaway, with the expected cost of a week-long trip on the Continent costing 11% less than it would have last summer. Depending on your destination, it could be 25% cheaper!

If you haven’t considered booking flights to Prague or Paris yet for this summer, now is the time to think about it, especially if you’re looking to save money. According to TripAdvisor, the most affordable destination this summer is Istanbul, with a week-long trip setting you back £1,282. The most expensive is Zurich, with a price tag of £2,210 for a week.

While we’re not surprised to see some cities like Budapest and Krakow near the top for cheap destinations, there are a few surprises in TripAdvisor’s findings. For example, Oslo is 20% cheaper this summer compared to last, and Stockholm has savings of 23%. The only city that’s more expensive this year is… can you guess? Moscow.

Where else can you find a good deal?

TripAdvisor says that these are the 10 cheapest choices in Europe:

  1. Istanbul
  2. Bucharest
  3. Krakow
  4. Budapest
  5. Prague
  6. Athens
  7. Brussels
  8. Berlin
  9. Lisbon
  10. Stockholm

Find the full details on TripAdvisor’s TripIndex.

Img: eric verleene / Fiickr cc.

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