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You may think swans are gentle and graceful but with those sharp beaks and long, bendy necks, they’re one of the fiercest birds arounds! One family of swans has a reputation for being particularly aggressive, and they’re terrorising Cambridge tourists.

It started with Mr. Asbo, a swan that was attacking tourists in boats on the River Cam. It got so bad, the city had him moved to a secret location. Last summer a new swan, thought to be Asbo’s son, was reported attacking canoeists, swimmers, birds and cows! Now, there’s a third swan, nicknamed Asbaby and who is believed to be Mr. Asbo’s grandson. He was seen over the Easter weekend snapping at tourists and trying to grab their sandwiches… even a handbag!

Locals say he is the worst of the bunch. Harry Crossell, 65, said, “He is even more vicious than his father and grandfather and sticks his neck right into the punts and boats to nip passengers.”

Someone even spotted him trying to steal a bottle of Champagne! Our advice? If you’re planning a road trip to Cambridge this summer, keep clear of the swans, and maybe skip the punt ride on the River Cam.

Img: LHG Creative Photography / Flickr cc.

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