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Godzilla has trampled all over Japan enough, it’s about time the country got something good out of him! Introducing Tokyo’s newest tourism ambassador and special resident.

A giant Godzilla head was unveiled this month, towering 52 metres above the ground on the top of a Toho office, the Japanese studio in charge of the 1954 original. Toho is shooting a comeback film later this year after taking a ten year break.

While Godzilla’s fame in the West has been up and down over the last sixty years, he is certainly having a come back after last year’s box-office hit, directed by Gareth Edwards. Tokyo hopes its biggest movie star will help lure tourists on flights to Tokyo and to its Shinjuku area where Godzilla is now installed.

Shinjuku is famous for its little homey bars and noodle restaurants, making it a great area for a night out in Tokyo. The neighbourhood has had the honour of being flattened by Godzilla in three Toho films and who knows, maybe it’ll happen once more now that he’s a resident.

Img: tzofia / Flickr cc.

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