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Fancy getting your airplane food for home delivery? That’s exactly what the new “Air Food One” service is doing. While most of us harp about the tastelessness of airline catering, some travellers really love it!

Inflight catering is really something that a lot of travellers are in disagreement about. Some hate it, some love it. For those who love it, they’ll soon be able to get it for home delivery! The new service is called Air Food One and is currently delivering the ground-level equivalent of airline means to homes in Germany.

Dishes like grilled codfish, filled ravioli and chicken breast with pepper cream sauce could be on their way to your table, just like they would be onboard a Lufthansa flight. Air Food One is a partnership between and LSG Sky Chefs, the company that is in charge of creating Lufthansa’s inflight meals.

Customers can choose between vegetarian and classic meals which are typically served in Business Class, which are delivered on Wednesday and are ready to heat up and eat. Meals cost between £6 and £8.

Who’s ready to tuck in?

Img: yukop / Flickr cc.

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