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A new swaying glass-bottom bridge is China’s latest attraction, and a real contender for the world’s scariest attraction. Would you be brave enough to cross it?

The bridge stretches 300 metres between two rocky peaks, 180 metres above a valley in Pingjang in Southern China. With a glass bottom, the views are astonishing, but not for those who suffer from vertigo. To make matters worse, the bridge swings when there’s a breeze.

The visitor’s centre at the bridge has specially trained staff on hand in order to help any visitors that are in need of emotional support to make the journey across. The bridge is, according to a spokesperson from the local tourism board, designed to “shatter but not break” when a stone falls onto it from one of the nearby cliffs.

Some are saying it’s too scary, others are calling it the thrill of a lifetime. What do you think? Would you be up for adding this excursion to your list the next time you book flights to Beijing?

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