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It wasn’t a good year for United Airlines in 2014 as a new report reveals it was responsible for the most pet fatalities of any other U.S. airline last year.

Pet owners will no doubt be paying attention to this report as its revealed that United had more pet fatalities than any other U.S. airline, from guinea pigs catching pneumonia to dogs on the loose.

Last year there were 17 reported animal fatalities on U.S. airlines, and 26 injuries according to full-year data released by the Department of Transportation. The agency compiles all sorts of travel information from flight delays to mishandled luggage in its Consumer Air Travel Report.

United Airlines reported the most deaths and injuries, five and 13 respectively. Alaska Airlines was second with three deaths and 11 injuries. In most cases, it was dogs and cats injured while trying to escape their cages and travel carriers. Most of the deaths were incidents of escaping animals who were hit by vehicles at airports. In other cases, it was underlying health conditions that were worsened by the stress of air travel.

If you’re planning on brining your pet abroad with you, make sure to check out our guide: Tips for flying with your dog or cat.

Img: Lovro Rumiha / Flickr cc.

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