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With a new mayor at City Hall, we can expect a some changes to take place around London in the near future. A new bus hopper-fare will be introduced in September, allowing travellers to make an additional journey for the same price within 1 hour on any London bus.

This is great news for visitors to London and London-locals alive who need to catch two buses to reach their final designation. The new fare system allows bus passengers to made an extra journey within an hour of tapping in with an Oyster card or a contactless payment card.

Before, passengers had to pay £1.50 each time they boarded a bus. The TfL also has plans to develop the technology to allow passengers unlimited bus transfers within one hour, but that’s not expected until 2017 and unlimited timed fares could be introduced by 2018.

The new fare system will definitely help tourists arriving on flights to London get around the city without breaking the bank. While the Tube is by far the most convenient way to get around, the bus lets you see what’s happening on London’s streets. A £1.50 savings doesn’t sound like a lot, but it certainly adds up when you are hopping across the capital all day!

Img: London Bus by Tim Spouge / Flickr cc.

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