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Beijing is about the become the first city in the world to host both the summer and the winter games as it gets ready to welcome athletes from around the world for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Chinese capital was chosen as the host city for the games ahead of its rival bid from Almaty in Kazakhstan. The bids opened two years ago and while Beijing was considered an unusual choice, it won over the judging panel in the end.

A handful of European cities like Stockholm, Oslo, Lviv and Krakow were also in the running, but pulled out due to the growing costs of staging an event like the Olympic Games. Looking ahead to the games? While they’re still seven years away, it’s never too early to start planning your trip. Get ahead by searching for cheap flights to Beijing and figuring out which sights you’ll want to see when you’re not at the stadium watching the events.

What will the games look like? The city will take advantage of many of its pre-existing venues, like the Bird’s Nest stadium that was used for the 2008 Games. Their budget is a mere £963m, cheap compared to the price tags of previous events.

Img: zoonyzoozoodazoo / Flickr cc.

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