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Large groups of tourists have ben banned from Barcelona’s iconic and popular La Boqueria Market in order to let locals get on with their shopping.

The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, known as La Boqueria for short, is one of Barcelona’s most popular tourist attractions, located just off the famous La Rambla. But how can a local shop with swarms of tourists too busy taking photographs than actually buying something? Stallholders have been complaining that large groups are getting in the way of the weekly shopping, and customers who actually want to shop.

The city has responded to the petitions by banning groups larger than 15 from entering the market at its busiest times: Friday and Saturday mornings. Security guards will escort groups out who are not aware of the new rules.

While tourists visiting on flights to Barcelona are still welcome, there’s a big difference between a family or small group of friends browsing the market than a large group being led around with a guide. It’d would be better to split up into smaller groups and explore the market, being encouraged to purchase snacks and souvenirs from the vendors.

Img: nietnagel / Flickr cc.

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