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While Switzerland sees itself in the middle of a currency crisis, travellers can be assured that discounts of up to 20pc wait for them for hotels, ski passes, ski schools, resorts and restaurants.

Ski and snowboard resorts in the Swiss Alps have cut prices by as much as 20pc in hopes of attracting more holidaymakers during the country’s currency crisis. Chalets, restaurants, sports shops and ski pass booths have been forced to cut their prices after the cost of buying Swiss francs soared last week.

When the Swiss central bank cut its link to the euro, the currency became 20 per cent more expensive almost overnight. In a haste, many holidaymakers planning to visit Zermatt and St Moritz cancelled their trips and bookings to avoid paying a hefty premium in currency exchanges.

Many businesses that rely on winter tourists for their livelihood have be forced to cut prices, even if it means making less money. Some companies have even frozen their exchange rates temporarily, to 1.20 francs to the euro. Other places are offering discounts of 15-20pc for holidaymakers from Europe.

Top tip: Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount if you’re heading out on flights to Geneva for a ski holiday.

Img: mdeuk / Flickr cc.

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