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The plans and images being unveiled for the new airport terminal in the Daxing District, which will serve Beijing from 2018, are nothing short of impressive.

The current Beijing airport is saturated in passengers and has officially reached capacity. The new terminal in Daxing is expected to be able to cater to 45 million passengers per year, the world’s largest airport capacity. Terminal 1 will cover an impressive 700,000 square metres and run as long as 5km. Let’s hope some moving pavements are also in the plans!

The project has been designed conjunctly between ADP engineering, a subsidiary of Aerorports de Paris and a team of British architects from Zahia Hadid (ZHA). Construction is due to start in September of this year, so it won’t be long before you’re arriving at this new terminal when you book flights to Beijing!



Imgs: Zaha Hadid

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